About Excalibur Safety Vest

Excalibur Safety Vest provides personal protective equipment for all levels in the equestrian world. Equestrian vests designed with maximum mobility, attention to comfort, weight , functional fit and in the U.S.A.

Excalibur Safety Vest developed the Equestrian Body Protector in 1993 , with design and style to allow maximum mobility and comfort. Excalibur Safety Vest brand value has been recognized in every horse nation around the world.

Excalibur Safety Vest provides the '' Best Warranty & Replacement '' options in the equestrian community . See Warranty page for details on replacement program discount . 

Support of equestrian sports and athletes is paramount to Excalibur Safety Vest . We are proud to partner with all equestrians , it is our mission to keep safe equestrian athletes .